LaCroix Sparkling Water Flavors | All You Need To Know

LaCroix Sparkling Water Flavors | All You Need To Know

Sparkling water is made by the infusion of carbon dioxide in normal drinking water. It gives water the extra spark and refreshing twist that consumers love to have. After a long tiring day what is better than refreshing water to freshen up you.

Lacroix is an American water company that introduced its sparkling water as an all occasion beverage. The goal was to hit the target customers who prefer non-alcoholic yet fizzy beverages. Their sparkling water was a huge success and consumers quite liked it. right now It is working under “The national beverage corporation” and still a largely consumed sparkling water brand

 La Croix flavors 

La Croix ingredients

The ingredients mentioned by the company on packaging of its product are simply carbonated water and natural flavours. The company has made claims that La Croix is an all natural beverage containing  only “natural essences” which has been rather confusing to the consumers. But the lawsuit by the firm Beaumont Costales against the la croix parent company has added into the skepticism of the consumers about these claims. Apart from that, la croix claims to be gluten free, cruelty free and free of any kinds of sugars which makes the drink a zero calorie drink.

Is La Croix bad for you?

The lawsuit against the company has raised questions in the minds of its consumers about the effects of the product on their health. According to Beaumont Costales, the ingredients used in La Croix are synthetic. Moreover, their statement reads that these synthetic ingredients (limonene, linalool propionate and linalool) are unhealthy for human consumption. But even though Beaumont Costales states the harms of these ingredients, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognizes these ingredients as generally safe. Moreover, the concerns about the presence of BFA in the cans used to contain the beverage have also been settled down since the company claims that even trace amounts of the chemical has been eliminated from the cans. Starting away from concerns about ingredients, we should not forget that La Croix is carbonated which is why it will result in increased appetite like other carbonated beverages. Moreover, consumption of carbonated drinks affects the health of your teeth in a negative way. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that some people experience bloating after consuming sparkling water.

Does La Croix hydrate you?

Professionals generally prefer still water over sparkling water. But sparkling water can also be as hydrating as water, with the added benefit of burping. A study has shown that the consumers of sparkling water drink more water than the consumers of flat water which results in more hydration and hence better health. As La Croix contains no calories, it is considered as a better option instead of soda or diet coke.

Who owns lacroix?

La Croix was originally introduced by Heileman Brewing Company  in Wisconsin but was later acquired by National Beverage Corp. which is the distributor of the product today.

What does La Croix mean?

As you might have guessed from the “La”’ the term La Croix is indeed French which translates into “the cross”. The cross can either refer to a person residing near a market or a person holding a cross in a religious pageant. But this is not the reason why the product is named that. In fact, it is a cross inspired by its geographic origins (but it is pronounced in a French sounding accent as La Croy). “La” comes from the name of the birthplace of the company that introduced the product for the first time: La Crosse. “Croix” is inspired by the river, St. Croix River which flows on the western border of Wisconsin.

Is La Croix alcohol?

La Croix in itself does not contain alcohol. It can often be considered as club soda but club soda contains artificially injected sodium but La Croix does not claim to have that. Yet, it is widely used in cocktail recipes.

How is lacroix flavored? (how does lacroix flavour their water)

According to the official statement on La Croix’s website, the flavours are sourced through natural ingredients. But due to the previously mentioned lawsuit, questions has been raised about the authenticity of the claim. People also wonder about the meaning of these ‘natural sources’. According to the FDA, natural sources include only animal and plant sources. We must note that there can be more than one source required to manufacture a flavor. Moreover, synthetic chemicals can be added in the flavour in order to preserve it.

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