Perrier sparkling water | Flavors Ranked in 2022

The preference regarding the kind of water someone drinks is a real deal breaker when it comes to certain people. A distinct class walks on a straight sketched line of sparkling water. Developing a fondness for this carbonated drink, its consumers seem to find the bubbly sensation that the drinks provide quite pleasurable. While this industry has a number of competitors racing towards one coherent and lucid goal, some companies have decoded the formula of winning the hearts of people who fancy fizzy water. Perrier is one of those companies.

Since 1863 Perrier Carbonated Natural Spring Mineral Water has been extracted from the same underground source making this establishment a unique one. This French brand has mastered the art of infusing water with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. The drinks manufactured by Perrier are distinctly known for their naturally occurring carbonation, unique green bottles, and pre-eminent amount of carbonation than its rivals.

The sparkling blend of air and water produced by Perrier makes for a stimulating drink that quenches thirst rigorously. Containing zero calories and sweeteners, it’s a delightful choice to add fervor and passion to bland mornings or tedious afternoons. Much to the audience’s approval the Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water is not limited to one flavor but varies from simple strawberry to a fusion of different flavors including Peach, Watermelon, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, L’Orange, Green Apple, and Lemon.

Perrier Strawberry Flavor

Perrier Strawberry Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier Strawberry Carbonated Mineral Water contains the euphoric element that people are in search of. The sweetness and tangy commotion merged with the bubbly sensation of the Sparkling Water form an exciting beverage. Sweet with a slightly sour taste makes for an exuberant journey.

Perrier Peach Flavor

Perrier Peach Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

Another flavor highly wanted is Perrier Peach Mineral Water. The peaches produce an acidic tang coupled with a sweet floral taste. The combination that Sparkling Water produces when combined with the sweet but mellow acidic flavor of peach is preferred by all.

Perrier Watermelon Flavor

Perrier Watermelon Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water,

The inspiring and refreshing flavor of watermelon acts as a booster when added with the bubbly mineral water. This iconic fruit of summer produces Perrier Watermelon Mineral Water with no sweeteners. Sugary and pleasant is all that this drink stands for.

Perrier Lime Flavor

Perrier Lime Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier lime Mineral Water contains the hit of crisp lime. This flavor is carbonated and vibrant to capture the brightness and glister it spreads inside. The drink produced is for all those who are in search of an exciting effervescent experience. Bursting with the zesty and vibrant lime edge, this product enriches the otherwise monotonous life.

Perrier Pink Grapefruit Flavor

Perrier Pink Grapefruit Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

The citrusy burst of freshness can be acquired by drinking Perrier Grapefruit Mineral Water. The subtle tarty taste found in grapefruits gives a sense of brilliance and splendor. Combining the tarty pink grapefruit flavor with the sparkling water is an excellent choice.

Perrier L’Orange Flavor (Lemon Orange Flavor)

Perrier L'Orange Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

Classic lime and citrusy orange combined form the tangy and sugary sensation people are looking for during hot summer days. Perrier L’Orange Mineral Water has the subtle tangy sensation enveloping the people with freshness as they gulp the fizz down. The tangy kick from lime and orange seems like what all that is bright and shiny must taste like, and has gained much popularity.

Perrier Green Apple Flavor

Perrier Green Apple Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier Green Apple Mineral Water is another flavor made with the perfectly blended tartness of apples combined and the bubbly carbonated water. Invigorating the imagination with its crispness this flavor captures the essence of a garden full of apples bursting with a punchy juice. The fizzy experience brought by apple’s sour and bitter but mostly sweet piquancy gives a ride down the sunny yet nostalgic road.

Perrier Lemon Flavor

Perrier Lemon Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water

The lemon flavor is an ideal summer beverage. Extinguishing the fire that envelops during the heated months, Perrier Lemon Mineral Water makes for an excellent blend for all ages creating an effervescent aura.

Perrier Fusions, Assorted Flavors

Perrier Fusions, Assorted Flavors

The daring and bold moves have helped Perrier Company reach the heights of accomplishment that it has conquered. Moving on the same frequency as they’ve done in the past, the company introduced a fusion of different flavors in a pack for its consumers to enjoy. The flavors vary as do the variety of packs that are meant for people who are on the hunt for different flavors. Each bottle still containing zero sugar or sweeteners, Perrier is excelling like none other. Naturally flavored with a touch of real fruit juices Perrier Fusions Carbonated Mineral Water is successful in quenching the thirst of everyone.

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