Bubly Sparkling Water Flavors

Bubly Sparkling Water Flavors

PepsiCo has always surprised us with its delicious and popular drink ranges. Let it be Pepsi, Gatorade, or Mountain Dew; the company has always stood out from the rest. This time PepsiCo has an incredible range to offer for the health-conscious fans. Sip into the fruity Bubly Sparkling Water range by PepsiCo. Bubly comes in multiple unique flavors, all of which have an impactful, distinguished taste. The drink typically tastes like the fruit component that is prevalent in it, followed by a watered aftertaste. The brand successfully wins the beverage race as it is a delicious and healthy drink option, unlike the sugary beverages common in the market. All this with no calories at all! Sounds wonderful? Yes, it does.

Let us talk about the most popular flavors from Bubly Sparkling Water Flavors range below. Keep scrolling and find the best Bubly flavor for yourself


Cherry Bubly:

Cherry bubly

One of the most enticing flavors from Bubly is the Cherry flavor. The flavor begins with a sweet, tangy punch of cherry notes, followed by a rather simple water flavor. There is no unpleasant aftertaste following the water gulp. All you taste is the natural fruity flavor from cherries and a refreshing hit of sparkling water. Furthermore, there are no added calories, sweeteners, or any artificial flavors in Bubly. All you taste is fresh, hydrating water with a fun and flavorful cherry taste.

The sweet and tart cherry flavor is paired with an incredible punch of lemony flavor. The flavors are not overpowering or overwhelming at all. The flavors are all-natural and 100% guilt-free. You would also be happy to learn that this cherry fusion is followed with a carbonated fizz. So, you can enjoy the fizzy fun from the carbonation with a healthy blend of fruity flavor. Get your hands on the cherry flavor and we are sure that you will love it.

Lime Bubly:

Lime bubly

Let us talk about the showstopper flavor from Bubly sparkling water range. Bubly Lime is an all-natural flavor that has a tasteful zesty punch fused in the plain, bland everyday sparkling water. We are love a hint of lime in our water for a refreshing and hydrating duo. Bubly Lime does just that by combining the natural lime flavor into clean, fresh sparkling water. The drink does not contain sweetener, aspartame, or any artificial ingredient. All it includes is a pure and fresh lime flavor for a tangy and fruity hydrating punch.

If you are a fan of fizzy drinks but feel bad for putting in all the sugar from the sugary beverages, Bubly has it covered for you. Lime Bubly takes the competitive edge over other carbonated beverages as it offers 100% pure water, which is devoid of any unhealthy component. The flavor tastes a little like Sprite; however, without the additive sugar factor. So, what is there to lose? Give this highly refreshing flavor a go and you can thank us later.

Grapefruit Bubly:

Grapefruit bubly

If you are a fan of bold, fruity flavors in your beverages, we recommend you to try the grapefruit flavor by Bubly Sparkling Waters. This delicious grapefruit flavor comes in a cute pink packaging which instantly melts everyone’s heart. The vibrant grapefruit flavor is prominent on the first gulp, that gets even better when combined with the fizziness. Bubly by PepsiCo is having a distinct, crisp flavor with a refreshing aftertaste. Moreover, the strong and robust flavor from grapefruit is followed by an impactful aroma enhancing its natural flavor. The tartness pairs ideally with the sweet grapefruit flavor, making this concoction healthy and delicious.

What’s more? The hydrating flavor makes this carbonated drink an excellent choice to make. It will quench your thirst and make you come back for more grapefruit delight. So, give it a go and make your everyday tasteless water fun and exciting. Try it yourself and you will definitely like it.


Blackberry Bubly:

Blackberry bubly

Get ready to indulge in the sweet and fruity concoction of blackberry and sparkling water. Bubly has come up with a thirst quenching flavor, the blackberry Bubly. The sweetness from blackberries will immediately freshen up your mind, while keeping your carbonated drink safe and healthy to drink. This carbonated drink brings in the fizzy punch, however, it is devoid of any artificial sweetening agents. All you will be tasting is the natural flavor of blackberry.

Sip the sweet and hydrating blackberry Bubly flavor and you will be absolutely fine. There are no added calories, no sweeteners, and all-natural ingredients. So, giving the drinker a guilt-free experience. If you are someone trying to get rid of the sugary beverages but you just cannot get enough of the fizzy drinks, we recommend you to try the Bubly range, especially the Blackberry flavor for a dip in the fruity flavors. It is for sure worth a try.

Mango Bubly:

Mango bubly

Revel the refreshing and highly satisfying sweet mango flavor in your favourite Bubly sparkling water range. The sweet and juicy flavors combine well with the enticing aroma of everyone’s favourite summer fruit. Mango flavor is a sweet, heavenly delight for all those who have a sweet tooth for mango flavor. The vibrant yellowish can makes it pop out even more, making it a perfect match for the flavor. The aftertaste of this sparkling water is sweet but not overpowering.

The ripe, juicy mango flavors feels bright and refreshing on the first whiff. The drink is sweet, fizzy and it pretty much resembles real mango flavor. Try it on a hot summer day, and we are sure that you will enjoy the mango-flavored goodness in this carbonated water. Give this tropical flavor a try and embrace the fruity mango flavor, and am invigorating aroma at the aftertaste.

Strawberry Bubly:

Strawberry bubly

One of the best flavors from Bubly is the strawberry flavor which will brighten up your mood. The fun, red coloured can will lift up your spirits to give this flavor a try. The spot-on sweetness from the strawberries leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. The drink is neither too sweet, nor is any flavor overpowering. The refreshing notes of strawberries deliver the right hit to all the fruity flavor lovers. Furthermore, the fizzy notes in this carbonated sparkling water makes it even more fun and exciting. No artificial drama, just fresh strawberry flavor!

We definitely recommend the strawberry Bubly flavor to every light, yet sweet beverage lover. The flavor of strawberry is highly evident with every gulp and it leaves the drinker with a naturally fruity aftertaste. So, you don’t have to worry about managing your water intake anymore. Get a Bubly can already and quench your thirst with a fruity, fun fusion.

Passionfruit Bubly:

Passionfruit bubly

Passionfruit Bubly Sparkling Water is a successful take on creating the best carbonated drink. This water drink is a fruity concoction of passionfruit and carbonated water. The exotic fruit will blow up your tastebuds with its slightly tart flavor paired with a sweet, juicy flavor. Overall, this drink tastes fresh and fruity, making your drink thirst quenching and incredibly delicious. The sweet, natural flavors include no artificial flavors at all and it also doesn’t have any added sweetener. All you will taste is the freshness from the fruits paired with a fizzy carbonated sparkling water.

The sweet, tropical fruity ripe flavor is a combination of passionfruit and sparkling fresh water. If you are a fan of carbonated drinks, yet want to keep a healthy intake, we recommend you to go for the passionfruit flavor by Bubly. The flavors are sweet, exotic and refreshing without any guilt of taking in sugary components.

Lemon bubly:

Lemon bubly

If you are a fan of carbonated drinks, try Bubly lemon flavoured sparkling water with a fun, fizzy combination. This refreshing water blend is an iconic combination of tarty lemon flavour paired with sparkling freshwater. All you taste is fresh, natural lemon notes with no extra calories at all. The drink is devoid of any added sweeteners or artificial preservatives. All you taste is water punched with lemony undernotes. This water drink is ideal for sipping on a hot summer day. Its thirst-quenching flavour and subtle fizzy end will refresh your taste buds.

The best part of using lemon bubly is its safe composition. While fizzy drinks can cause excessive calorie intake, lemon bubly is purely freshwater with natural lemon flavour.

Cranberry bubly:

Cranberry bubly

Add fun and positivity to your life by switching your carbonated fizzy drinks with PepsiCo’s Bubly sparkling waters. Cranberry Bubly is an exciting take on pairing fresh, fruity cranberries with the iconic fresh sparkling water. This delicious water blend tastes sweet and slightly tart due to the fresh cranberry flavour. The sudden fizzy punch makes this liquid more enjoyable and refreshing to the soul. If you are trying to become healthier and sustain a healthy lifestyle, try this calorie-free fizzy sparkling water to satisfy your cravings without any guilts.

Bursting with the goodness of cranberries, this sparkling water is a delight to all berry lovers. If you are a fan of fresh and sweet cranberries, give a definite try to cranberry bubly for an all-day refreshing experience.

Raspberry bubly:

Raspberry bubly

Experience the sweet and sour goodness from raspberries, paired with fresh and fizzy sparkling water. Raspberry plays with the taste buds with an iconic tarty blast of flavours. This iconic sparkling water is completely devoid of any additional preservatives and additive calories. All you will be tasting is a sweet raspberry flavour derived from the original raspberries. If you are looking for a fizzy drink that satisfies your sweet tooth and still brings no guilt afterwards, try the delicious raspberry bubly sparkling water.

Indulge in the refreshing fruity raspberry notes paired with a subtle fizzy undernote on the finish, If you are a fan of the playful flavours of fresh, fruity berries, give a definite try to the raspberry bubly.

Apple bubly

Apple bubly

Familiar with the sweet and crisp apple flavour? Bubly has bought that in its new sparkling water collection. Apple Bubly is a fruity, refreshing sparkling water flavour that is combined with the ultimate fizz of carbonated water. The smooth, fruity apple notes will quench your thirst, leaving a sweet, fruity aftertaste. Its iconic fizziness with rock your taste buds and tingle the tongue for the best flavour absorption. If you are fond of fizzy drinks, try this healthy and calorie-free sparkling water to enjoy a guilt-free drinking experience.

Apple Bubly is reminiscent of the childhood apple juice flavour, but it no artificial sweetener and zero-calories. Its fruity flavour and smooth fizzy notes will make this sparkling water an absolute favourite.

Orange bubly

Orange bubly

Explore the mouth-watering, refreshing flavours of citrusy orange in your favourite bubly sparkling water range. This sparkling water flavour features an indulgently sweet and citrusy orange flavour on each gulp, followed by a subtle fizzy flavour on the finish. The fizziness from the carbonated water satisfies the cravings of soda drinks. In fact, this sparkling water blend has no calories or sugar content in it. So, enjoy the fruity flavours of Orange Bubly while keeping a check on your calories. Orange Bubly proves that a healthy lifestyle can still be delicious and healthy at the same time.

Pineapple bubly

Pineapple bubly

If you are a fan of Bubly sparkling water range, you would know that each factor is unique and outlandish. Pineapple bubly is a wonderful take on combining sweet and citrusy pineapples in the finest, fresh sparkling water. The water is carbonated to add a little fizz to the drink; however, there are zero calories in this bubly drink. A can of pineapple bubly contains 0% calories and another 0% additive artificial flavourings. The drink is safe and healthy to drink, as it satisfies your sweet tooth for fizzy soda drinks and also keeps your hydration in check.

Indulge in the delicious flavours of pineapple bubly, and we are sure you will come back for the more citrusy fiesta.

Bubly Sparkling Water Variety Packs:

Bubly also offers a lot of variety packs if you are a fan of variety in your drinks.

Tropical Thrill Variety Pack

Tropical Thrill Variety Pack

Bless your taste buds with a delicious blast from the tropics. This iconic tropical thrill variety pack is a mindboggling combination of fresh, fruity tropical fruit flavours. The first flavour features grapefruit bubly that is a refreshing take on combing this exotic juicy fruit with fizzy sparkling water. Second beholds the lime bubly flavour that is ideal for a thirst-quenching, summer day fizzy water drink. The third is the fresh and smooth mango bubly sparkling water that will take your taste buds on a journey of sweet, ripen tropical mangoes.

All these fizzy sparkling water blends are devoid of any calories or additive sweeteners. Get this pack of tropical thrill to indulge in the real fruity, fresh variety.

Passionfruit Bliss Variety Pack

Passionfruit Bliss Variety Pack

Indulge in the delicious flavours from passionfruit bubly, grapefruit bubly, and lime bubly, together in a variety pack. This variety pack is a pleasure for all fruit flavoured water lovers. First in the variety pack is passionfruit bubly, which brings sweet and unique fruitiness to your hydration solution. Passionfruit bubly is a delight for all the exotic fruity drink lovers. The second on the pack is grapefruit bubly, created by fresh, fruity grapefruit paired with sparkling water and soda fizz. The sweet and tart notes add flavour to your sparkling water and make it fun and hydrating. Third on the list is lime bubly, which is perfect for an all-day summer drink. The lemon water adds refreshing undernotes to the water, and the soda fizz ends the gulp in a fizzy tinge to the taste buds.

All these exotic fruity water flavours come in an affordable variety pack that will satisfy your soda cravings in hydrating sparkling water. Try this delicious Passionfruit Bliss Variety Pack and bless your taste buds with heavenly fruity bliss.

Lime Yours Variety Pack

Lime Yours Variety Pack

If you are a fan of refreshing, tangy sparkling water flavours by Bubly, get your hands on the iconic Lime Yours Variety Pack. This delicious variety pack features three delicious lime flavours and cans of diet coke. All these flavours are 100% calorie-free but include the iconic fizzy flavour of a bubly sparkling water flavour. The lime bubly is a heavenly blend of tart and citrusy lime, paired with carbonated sparkling water. The water gives an impactful hit to the tongue that quenches all the summer thirst away. The second flavour on the list is cherry bubly. Cherry Bubly is a mindboggling combination of refreshingly fruity cherry and carbonated sparkling water. The flavour is on point, leaving a subtle sugary hit. Last but never the least is the blackberry bubly that is a fruity concoction of sweet and tart blackberries and fizzy sparkling water.

All these sweet flavours are delicious to the tongue and leave a fizzy punch on every gulp. Moreover, the pack has no sugar, no added preservatives, and absolutely no calories to regret. Why wait, try the delicious lime your variety pack for fun and fruity delight.

8 Flavor Variety Pack

8 Flavor Variety Pack

Get your hands on the most exciting Bubly sparkling water variety pack. The 8 Flavour Variety Pack is a bundle of 18 cans of deliciously unique bubly flavours with zero calories and zero guilt. The first flavour on the list is citrusy orange bubly. Orange Bubly is an iconic refreshing water blend that has no added sugar or calories, just a pure orange taste. Cherry bubly is the second flavour served in the 8 flavour variety pack. This sweet concoction features fresh, juicy cherry notes on top of a carbonated sparkling water base. Third, lime bubly is a delicious blend featuring tarty lime and fizzy undernotes from carbonated water.

Strawberry bubly flavour is a mind-blowing combination of sweet and juicy strawberries paired with fresh, and pure carbonated water. Next on the list is the crisp flavour of the Apple Bubly. The crispy notes and juicy combination add more value to your regular drinking water. Mango bubly is another wonderful flavour that has zero sweeteners, but its sweetness is directly poured in from the iconic, ripe mangoes. Next on the list is grapefruit bubly that will add luxury to your sparkling water hydration. Last but never least, Lemon Bubly is a thirst-quenching flavour featuring tart and sweet lemony notes, giving off sweet lemonade vibes. Try this luxury pack of 8 wonderful bubly flavours to save yourself off money and add more flavours to your life.


Apple Cherry Strawberry 3 flavor

Bubly sparkling water range provides healthy alternatives to soda drink lovers. This bubly variety pack is nonetheless, featuring three unique flavours that will add value to your drinking habits. This variety pack includes; apple bubly, cherry bubly, and strawberry bubly. All these flavoured sparkling water bottles are devoid of any calories, artificial flavours, and sweeteners. All you taste is the fruity goodness from real fruits, paired with carbonated sparkling water duo.

The first flavour on the list is crisp apple bubly, which will refresh your taste buds with its iconic apple sweetness. The cherry bubly will blow your mind with its sweet and fruity balance of cherry flavours with a refreshing fizzy touch. Finally, the sweet and refreshing strawberry will do its magic to create a hydrated, guilt-free soda drink. Try this iconic triple combo to indulge in the most exotic fruity fiesta with no guilt of taking in calories.

Pack Of 18 :

18 flavor variety pack

If you need a sample of its fifteen flavors, you can order 15 flavors sampler of bubly sparkling water.


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