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    Sparkling water is also known as carbonated water as it is simple water containing carbon dioxide gas. The CO2 gas is infused in water either artificially or it might happen naturally.

    Natural sparkling water is formed as a result of geological processes in which carbon dioxide mixes with underground water. As the atmospheric pressure of earth is already present, it makes it easy for the process to happen.

    Due to carbonation of water, small bubbles are formed inside it. The bubbling in water gives it the effervescent quality which makes sparkling water different from natural water. The bursting of these bubbles in mouth gives the fizzy flavor to the water.

    Some companies collect sparkling water from natural reservoirs mostly present near mountains. Sparkling water collected from natural source is often rich in minerals because of leached minerals from mountains. That is why it not only tastes good but is also quite refreshing.

     Most of the time when Carbon Dioxide is artificially injected in sparkling water, small amounts of other mineral might be added. Minerals like potassium bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Citrate or Potassium Sulfate are added. The addition if minerals is done top mimic the natural flavor of sparkling water.

    Now a days sparkling water is being sold in bottles, cans, glass containers, and even big containers. The reason is because consumers love its unique taste as it is just water but flavored and fizzy. It is available in several flavors, to make it more refreshing it is consumed as a chilled beverage.

    Sparkling water is just carbonated water which is marketed as a refreshing beverage. Even though it might be produces artificially, it is still water. There is no harm in drinking any sort of water coming from a natural source.

    Sparkling water gives water an extra fuzz which makes it more refreshing. Like any other water it helps hydrate the body which makes it good for consumption.

    Hydrating your body is a basic need for survival, as dehydration results in:

    • Fatigue
    • Head-ache
    • Parched lips
    • Skin irritation
    • Weakness

    To avoid all of these conditions it is best to stay hydrated and what is better than to get the extra fizz when rehydrating yourself.

    As sparkling water has added minerals it serves as a healthy alternative to other fizzy drinks. Our daily activities result in electrolyte depletion, especially when you work under sun. that is why it is best to consume a drink that hydrates you and keep the mineral-ion balance in check. Sparkling water does that by helping you hydrate and maintain mineral balance in body.  That is why sparkling water is good for you and best alternative to fizzy drinks.

    Diabetic patients are often advised to consume least amount of sugar in their diet. It is not good for their health at all to drink, eat or consume sugar in any form. Most of the carbonated drinks have excess amount of sugar in them and that is why not at all safe for consumption. drinking sparkling water instead is better.

     Sparkling water gives the same effect as any carbonated beverage except it does not have added sugar or other sweeteners. As all the ingredients used in making sparkling water are often natural, it is not at all unhealthy for anyone. For diabetic patients it is best as it serves as both water and fizzy drink.

    Yes, sparkling water is the same as soda. Actually Soda water or seltzer water is another name of sparkling water. Both soda and sparkling water is made by carbonating water and adding minerals in it. soda is a common name for sparkling water. But it is not an other product as the main ingredient for both of them is water and just some added minerals.

    If there is any difference in sparkling water and soda it is the only the method of carbonation. Sparkling water is often naturally carbonated and collected from natural springs. On the other hand, soda water is artificially injected with carbon dioxide to make it fizzy. The fizz is the base of both drinks, that is why they are almost the same.

    It is a common believe that fizzy drinks result in bloating and other side effects. None of it is true in case of sparkling water. As sparkling water is just water which is carbonated it does no harm to pregnant women or their child. In fact, it is better to stay as hydrated during this period of your life

    As it is not recommended to drink in pregnancy, sparkling water can be a great alternative to champagne and carbonated beverages. When consumed the tiny bubbles give a sizzling effect to the consumer, this only makes it much more fun to drink.

    Sparkling water is also a better choice in pregnancy as the zing in sparkling water can help with the nausea and morning sickness. It helps regulate the metabolism and also gives your mouth a refreshing taste. If flavored sparkling water is consumed the after taste of vomiting also goes away. That is why sparkling water is considered good for pregnancy and not at all a health hazard.

    Many soda and carbonated drinks result in the breaking of enamel. Even sparkling water has some ingredients that may lead to it but it is only if consumed in excess amount. Sparkling water has no known effect on oral health or teeth.

    Sparkling water is a far better choice than carbonated beverages even in terms of oral health. When consumed with food it not only helps dissolve the bite but does not interact directly with enamel. On the other hand, carbonated beverages effect teeth health directly by damaging enamel layer.

    Another damage that can be seen in teeth health after consuming carbonated beverage is the yellowing of teeth. While sparkling water has no effect on the color of teeth. It does not interact with enamel so it does not affect teeth.

    Still some minerals that are artificially added or other artificially added ingredients in sparkling water may affect the teeth enamel. It only happens when external factors, like not taking care of your oral health or drinking excessive amounts of beverages, are involved. Other than that there is no bad or harmful effect of sparkling water on teeth.

    Yes, sparkling water does help in losing weight and makes it easy for you to maintain it as well. Sparkling water is a healthy drink with a little zing to it. The carbonated drink is free of sugar and can be consumed easily with any meal.

    Due to less to zero sugar it is best as a refreshing drink, that is why it is best post-workout drink. It also gives the consumer a sense of fullness and satiety due to the gas in it. the feeling of fullness makes the consumer eat less and help in losing weight.

    The healthy ingredients in sparkling water helps the consumer in maintaining weight of their choice. As it has hydrating qualities, it helps keep the body fresh, the freshness can help while you do daily activities, exercises, and fun sports activities.

    Sparkling water does not have any direct effects on weight but it serves as a drink you can consume without worrying about your weight.